Mere Churchianity – Close but no cigar

I have been a fan of the Internet Monk for quite a while and was very sad by his passing.
In reading “Mere Churchianity” I see a wonderful evaluation of the “American Evangelical” stripe of Christiaity. Spencer diagnoses the major failings with this group:
 1. Entertainment worship
 2. Pawltry preaching
 3. Prosperity Gospel
 4. Works-rightousness
 5. Fad-driven theology
He was so on the mark it was painful.
What he was lacking was a clearer understanding of sin. He was right to flee from the terrible things he witnessed in American Evangelicalism, but unfortunately his answer was to create more of the same problem. Trying to find Jesus by abandoning the Church is a major mistake. Not talking about the forgiveness of sins is a major problem. The absence of Sacramental Theology ties his hands in too many places. All in all, I see a good observation of symptems, but I believe he missed a proper diagnosis and therefore he missed a proper cure.


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