Do you know what’s going on?

I have no idea
As we continue to think about reaching out to people as Christians, I have an important question for you: Do you know what’s going on? Namely at Church. It’s one thing for your church to offer opportunities for Spiritual Growth (Bible studies, workshops etc…) it’s quite another if you fail to attend them.
When you tell people about your Church, it’s a good idea to speak with authority. For example:
Stranger When is Church?
You (triumphantly): SUNDAYS AT 9:30!
Stranger: I’m interested in learning more about your Church. How can I do that?
You (a little shaky) Uh… you can call our Pastor. (No mention of web site, zillions of pamphlets in the narthex… oh and attending more studies makes YOU a resource!)
Stranger: Anything going on during the week?
You: Uh yeah… there’s some stuff… I think.

At this point you can see that you aren’t speaking as an AUTHORITY… as someone who takes OWNERSHIP of your Church. At most you are vaguely passing partial (if any) information on.

If you want people to be involved, you need to also be involved, in order to say “Oh yeah, there’s a great study for women on Thursday night!” or “Wednesday night has a great study and it really hits on the hard questions about the nature of faith and fellowship!”

So often people say “I sure would like my Church to grow” but they aren’t certain how to tell people about growth opportunities. It’s a New Year. You have a New Opportunity to get involved and to let people know that your Church is a great place for Word and Sacrament Ministry, as well as for various opportunities to be a part of the life of the Church.

See you Sunday!


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